Washington Quonset Hut

Washington Quonset Hut

Washington Quonset Hut – Washington is the capital of the United States with a total land area of 68.3 square miles. Urban legend says that the capital was built on a reclaimed swamp but it is actually built by wetlands that cover areas along the water. Washington has a humid subtropical climate and has four distinct seasons.

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Spring and fall are warm; winter is cool with snowfall averaging 39cm. Winter months are from December to February while summer temperature is hot and humid during July. The state has a population of 632, 323 making it one of the most populous places in the United States. During weekdays, its population rises from one million because of workers from different US states.

With these busy weekdays and people going around looking for a place to stay, Quonset huts are becoming popular in Washington as homes and offices. During earlier times, Quonset huts are used by the military and sold them to the public if they no longer need it. Residents after acquiring the huts use it as an additional space for storage or even another room. Since then, Quonset structures become popular as one of the parts of the residents home. They use it as an additional living space which they later decorated with furniture and modern art pieces.

Uses of a Washington Quonset Hut

A Washington Quonset Hut is also used for business as businessmen can acquire the huts quickly allowing them to save money on monthly rentals. Small business owners use the huts as their office and as a place to store their goods. Quonset hut kits allow entrepreneurs to do their business and at the same time keep track of their stocks. This give them the efficiency they need and allow them to reduce storage cost. Even large businesses use the huts because it is cheaper to have than the traditional storage facility. It can be built on site and is easy to disassemble if it is no longer needed; the hut can also be transported into another site.

State Resources

Washington State Website

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