Constructing a Steel Building Project

Before you can place an order with a steel building manufacturer, you need to know exactly what your requirements are. When you fill out an online form to order a building or even just to request a quote, manufacturers are going to need you to provide a lot of information. If you do not have that information handy, you cannot get an accurate quote. What do you need to know? Read on to find out.

Learn structural requirements and building codes

Start out by learning the building codes in the locale where you will be erecting the structure. You will need to contact the building department or zoning department in your town or county. They will ask you some basic questions about the building’s purpose, location, height, and size. They will go over the building code requirements with you, and tell you what they need from the manufacturer before you place your order.

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Requirements may vary from one area to the next, but most Steel building code authorities require that you provide them with sealed engineering drawings, building schedules and letters of structural assurance.

Get these from the manufacturer after you receive your quote and turn them into the authority for approval before you finalize your order. The last thing you want to do is order a building you cannot legally erect in your county.

You will then want to ask your zoning department and/or building department about Steel building builder licensing requirements. This will help you choose a company to erect your structure (unless you are doing it yourself, which may be possible with some smaller and simpler steel structures). Once you have completed these steps, you can make a detailed list of requirements for your structure.

Choose a design for your building

Once you have your requirements all sorted out, you can choose a compatible design for your steel structure. Designs all fall under two main categories: straight wall and arched. Under each you will find subcategories. Both types of designs come with pros and cons, so look into them and figure out what is best for your purposes. If you need help, manufacturers can give you suggestions. Just be sure you go into the conversation already well-informed as to your needs. That way you can get the best, most relevant advice.

Select components and accessories

Your third step will be to make a list of extras for your building. Will you be insulating? What kind of a finish do you need? What about windows, doors, and other accessories? You will need this information in order to place an order. You will also need to know it for your own budgeting and planning purposes.

Check with several different Steel Building manufacturers; don’t just settle on the first quote you get. If you shop around, you will get a better deal, as with anything else. You may be waiting to hear back from some manufacturers, so read on to our next article on project design to learn your next steps.

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