Steel Building Project Design Overview

Steel Building Project – Before you can tackle a steel building project, it is good to know what you’re getting into. This is a guide you can read while you are waiting on quotes from the manufacturers you have contacted. If you have not yet read the previous article on constructing a steel building project, read that first so that you can understand building codes and structural requirements. Here are your upcoming steps:

Order your building and place your deposit

After you send out your requirements to manufacturers and receive quotes and drawings back, you will be ready to choose a manufacturer for your steel building project. You will have to wait for your local authority to give an “okay” on the building design before you place your order. At that point you can pay a deposit on the building. Your manufacturer will then likely send out initial plans and diagrams. These will help you to get the building site ready before the building is shipped to you. You may also be sent the anchor bolts you need to join the building to its foundation.

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This lets you start in on laying the foundation. This is a step you may want to tackle yourself, or you can leave it for an erector to do either now or later. Not sure how to pour a foundation? We will provide you with in-depth information on foundations later on in this series. Once you read up on laying a foundation, you will be very familiar with all of the steps.

Await delivery and check materials

The manufacturer will begin work on your steel building project. While you are waiting, you can call a construction company and set up a schedule to erect your building. You will want the construction company to be available on site the day your building arrives. Be sure to communicate with all parties so you know the delivery date. When the materials arrive, you will have to check everything yourself. The carrier must be there to verify damages, or you will not be able to hold the supplier responsible. You can then either commence construction, or cover and protect the building materials.

Prepare the site

If you have not already prepared the site, you will need to do so now. Tasks could involve surveying, foundation laying, and more. If you do not do this yourself, the erector should do it.

Erect the building

Now it is time to erect your pre-fabricated steel building. With some simpler types of buildings, you may be able to do this step yourself and save thousands of dollars in contracting costs.

Quonset huts in particular are often quite easy to erect working alongside another person. This is especially true with a smaller structure. In other cases, you may contract an erector to raise the building for you. Be sure to check your contracts carefully so that the erector is aware of their responsibilities (and to be sure that you know their responsibilities as well and you are both on the same page).

Finish the building

Once the building has been erected, it is time for finishing. This is a task for a general contractor. You can finish a steel building with just about any material these days, which is great for creating any look you want. Different finishes offer different advantages and disadvantages. Some may help to insulate your building, while others may require additional maintenance to keep up.

Conduct a walkthrough

Once your building is completed, you will need to schedule a walkthrough. This is an approval process which you conduct alongside a local building inspector. The inspector checks your building for any violations and then approves it once the walkthrough is complete and the structure is found to be satisfactory.

Remember, if you did not yet read the previous sections, it is a good idea to start at the beginning and learn about the attributes of steel buildings, and then proceed to the section on construction. Once you have finished with these first two chapters as well as this one, you can proceed on to the planning guide, where you will learn about building height and size, roof pitch, and more.

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