3 Reasons Why Agricultural Steel Buildings Are Virtually Maintenance Free

Agricultural Steel Buildings – Nearly 40% of all commercial buildings and 500,000 residential homes have been built with steel framing over the last decade. How does a steel framed barn or agricultural steel building save your time and money in maintenance costs?

1. Cannot be damaged by insects or birds

Birds can cause tremendous damage to farm equipment and your barn. Not only can bird nests cause fires, but bird droppings can make your livestock sick and even block drainage. Defecating birds can cause losses on your stored crops and corrode your tractors. Getting rid of bird nuisances can sometimes costs in the thousands of dollars and be a complicated process because you’ve got to obey all wildlife regulations for your area. In other words, once birds move in, it is extremely difficult to move them out.

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Plus you’ll find yourself wasting your productive time cleaning up spilled grain, and keeping your livestock’s waterer’s filled deep enough so that birds cannot stand it them or perch on the edges. Exactly how are you expected to store your grain in bird proof containers, as some Agricultural Steel Buildings expert’s advice? And why would they even suggest you try expensive netting or covering your doors or openings?

There has to be an easier way and steel provides a simple effective strategy. A Agricultural Steel Buildings steel barn, pole barn, etc. solves that problem before it becomes a nuisance to your and your animals. Steel can be coated to be automatically resistant to roosting birds. They won’t make a home in your building because they will be repelled from roosting. They’ll simply move on to more hospitable accommodations.

That brings us to insects such as termites and carpenter ants. Termites cause $2.5 billion dollars’ worth of damage per year and you could go for several years and not even know they’re literally eating your barn or Agricultural Steel building. Termites cannot eat steel. Termites can easily digest wood so once a colony gets started it could take you thousands of dollars to eliminate them. That’s because you’ll have to do it according to new regulations which keep you from using the pesticides that would knock them out fast. Besides, you don’t want to do anything that could potentially harm your animals or stored crops.

2. Steel protects against rust and rot in Agricultural Steel Buildings

There is nothing sadder than a sagging rotting barn. Old wood barns made from lumber often trapped moisture and were breeding grounds for mold. Steel protects your barn because mold cannot grow on steel since it is not organic and is moisture resistant. Mold must have moisture and organic materials in order to thrive. Steel creates an environment which is practically sterile against mold. Also steel does not warp or rip or splinter.

What about rust? If your purlins, girts, base angles, all secondary framing, are hot-dipped mill-galvanized coated then you know you’ll have for long-life rust protection. If fact, you can shop around and find reputable manufacturers who will give you a long warranty lasting for twenty, thirty or even fifty years.

Not only are they confident the steel will not rust as they claim in their advertisements, they often have the decades of proof to back up such claims. Steel agricultural building technology has been around since WWII and that’s a long track record.

Steel won’t need to be repaired or replaced like wood. You won’t have to constantly check your building for damage and do basic maintenance every spring to make sure you don’t have rotting wood or wet wood.

3. Extra strength for wind protection

Probably the biggest challenge to your is the danger of high winds. Old wood barns and out buildings made of lumber can easily be swept away in storms, but steel buildings are much stronger than typical lumber. At the same time, steel buildings give you unlimited interior space since your building is not held up by load bearing walls. That’s a real plus when you need space and you don’t want your barn or agricultural building cluttered.

Choosing to build a steel building for your agricultural needs such as a steel barn is a smart decision for protection against insects, birds, mold, fire and high winds

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