Steel Building Buyers Guide

Steel Building Buyers Guide – Whether you are a business or a homeowner wanting a quick and affordable building solution, a durable and long-lasting metal building can be personally customized to meet your demands. The frame materials, roof and wall insulation, and multiple finishing options can make metal buildings a great choice for several types of structures. Warehouses, rec buildings, retail stores, self-storage, manufacturing, offices and churches are some of the types of buildings.

Articles in this section will help you in planning, pricing and purchasing a pre-engineered steel building.

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Why Choose a Steel Building

A pre-engineered building has already had a high degree of pre-site construction done, which means there is very little work to do once the pre-fabricated building is shipped. This makes it a wonderful choice for a commercial or residential structure, especially on a tight budget. read more>>

Constructing a Steel Building Project

Before you can place an order with a steel building manufacturer, you need to know exactly what your requirements are. When you fill out an online form to order a building or even just to request a quote, manufacturers are going to need you to provide a lot of information. If you do not have that information handy, you cannot get an accurate quote. What do you need to know? Read on to find out. read more>>

Steel Building Project Design Overview

Before you can tackle a steel building project, it is good to know what you’re getting into. This is a guide you can read while you are waiting on quotes from the manufacturers you have contacted. If you have not yet read the previous article on constructing a steel building project, read that first so that you can understand building codes and structural requirements.  read more>>

Pre-Fabricated Steel Building Planning Guide

Whether you are erecting a brand new building out of pre-fabricated steel or you are replacing one, this guide will help you to choose a proper size and design for your structure. All of these steps are important to take before you contact manufacturers or get in touch with your local building code authority.  read more>>

Steel Building Designs

There are two main types of designs for pre-fabricated steel buildings: Quonset huts and straight wall buildings. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Both are ideal choices for a wide range of structures. No matter which type you go with, you can make your building as large as you would like.  read more>>

Preparing a Steel Building Foundation

All buildings start with a strong foundation, and pre-fabricated steel buildings are no exception. While you are waiting for your steel building to be manufactured and shipped to you, you or your builder will need to prepare that foundation. Prior to that, you will have to have the land surveyed professionally so you can be sure the ground is level.   read more>>

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