West Virginia Quonset Hut

West Virginia Quonset Hut

West Virginia Quonset Hut – West Virginia Quonset huts have been an alternative home solution for those looking for sturdy and cost effective housing after the World War II. West Virginia is also one of the states that have rich history from the American Civil War. Today, residents of West Virginia have repurposed these huts into structures that are more functional like dwelling places, supermarkets, libraries and even banks. West Virginia is located in the Appalachian region of the country’s southern part.

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It is the 41st largest state by area and recorded as the 38th most populous. Its capital is Charleston. The state is known for its diverse topography that boasts picturesque mountains and rivers. It is popular among tourists as a perfect vacation venue for skiing, backpacking, hunting, hiking, fishing, water rafting and mountain biking. As of July 1, 2012, the state’s population was 1,855,413 where 93.2% are composed of White Americans, 3.4 % African Americans, 0.2% Amerindians, 0.7% Asians and the rest are from other races.

Quonset huts have been considered by many because of its benefits. Since it is made of metal, these huts can resist harmful elements such as hurricanes, snow storms, earthquakes and other disaster extraordinaire. It is also resistant to cracks, earthquake shocks, fire and infestation from pest making them more cost effective and ideal.

Why Buy a West Virginia Quonset Hut

Though there are people who complain about the ventilation of West Virginia Quonset Hut since metal absorbs heat easily, the advent of modern technology allows adding of multiple ventilating systems made of state-of-the-art materials. Doors and windows are the most basic ventilating solutions. The owners can choose lofty windows facing the direction of wind.

The owner can also install roof and ridge vents to regulate the temperature when the roof is directly hit by the sun. Fans or air conditioners are also effective way to adjust the temperature inside. If it’s too cold outside, an installed heater or chimney would do. There are a lot of Quonset huts suppliers you can see online but before setting up a deal with them make sure that they have met all your needs and budget.

State Resources

West Virginia State Website

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