Tennessee Quonset Hut

Tennessee Quonset Hut

Tennessee Quonset Hut – Tennessee is home to more than 6,300,000 residents. This state has 95 counties the largest in terms of population is Shelby. Tennessee joined the Union on June 1, 1796. The capital of Tennessee is Nashville and is also known as the Volunteer State. Tennessee is now a major industrial hub.

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The state produces industrial products such as textiles, apparel, chemicals, furniture, leather goods, and machinery. Tennessee also produces zinc, ball clay, pyrite, and marble. Tennessee has quite a few places of interest such as Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Hermitage, Rock City Gardens, and the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site.

Quonset huts were patterned and designed after Nissan huts used by the British. The US Army was looking for a structure that does not require skilled work to build and is also easy to ship. The Army then designed Quonset huts, named after Quonset Point, where these huts were initially manufactured. Quonset buildings have evolved from being just used as a barracks. A Quonset is now being used as a house in some places. A Quonset structure is also being used as a research facility. The rounded shape of them allows it to naturally blend with its surroundings an they are also made of tough steel which make them durable and stable.

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State Resources

Tennessee State Website

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