“The Briedes knew they wanted to rebuild after Katrina, but they just weren’t sure how to approach the task or what type of structure to choose. They did know that they wanted something that could withstand hurricanes and other forces of nature as much as possible.

When they heard that in Yscloskey there was one home that survived the storm and was still standing, they decided to drive there and check it out.

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“All that was left was this one Quonset hut,” A.E. Briede said. “It was as if a bulldozer had come through, and all that was left were toothpicks and the hut.”

A.E. Briede researched Quonset huts and soon ordered a prefabricated hut kit online that was shipped to the couple in pieces. On the website, the manufacturer says that the hut can be built by “you and your spouse in a weekend.” This turned out to be far from the case.”





Source: www.nola.com