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Mueller Steel Buildings Towers Over Other Quonset Hut Builders

Mueller steel buildings

If you are in the market for a top-notch steel building contractor, look no further than Mueller Steel Buildings. While there may be a slew of other options out there when it comes to steel building contractors, Mueller Steel towers high above the rest of them as the company is 100 percent focused on offering various features that will surely prove as an asset to you no matter what your specific needs and requirements are.

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Compare Quonset Hut Prices and save up to 30%!

Mueller is renowned in the industry and among its clientele as a reliable, grade A source of steel structures. You will not find a better steel building contractor elsewhere. These days, most companies will tell you that part of their customer care procedure is to provide you with a free quote as well as a private viewing of their available models.

But Mueller Buildings chooses to go the extra mile and its staff actually takes the time to sit down with you and really flesh out what your requirements are in the world of steel structures. The company has done this countless times so if experience is a non-negotiable for you, you have come to the right place.

Company History Speaks for Itself of Mueller Steel Buildings

The steel building industry is teeming with start-ups left and right and the industry is constantly evolving. Given the sheer number of choices available to choose from, how does Mueller Metal Buildings stand out amongst the competition?

First off, the history of the company speaks for itself. It has been in operation for over eight decades. Walter Mueller initially started the business as a sheet metal company that sold water cisterns. At present, the business has served thousands of farms, businesses and organizations.

The Burly Corporation purchased Mueller Steel Buildings in 1984. This then led to the expansion of the company throughout America. The additional capital also enabled it to begin utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing processes to produce its metal products.

Additional Services

Mueller distinguishes itself from other steel building providers in the industry as it gives its customers the freedom to customize their structures to a certain degree. For instance, one can choose their desired color for the building. There is a palette of colors that you can make a selection from. This is viewable on the company’s website. From here there is a digital model that shows you the colors of your building’s walls, doors, trim and rooftops.

Another one of Mueller’s strengths is that it has also made available a return and storage policy. There is always a professional guarantee attached to its product and service offerings.

DIY Options

Are you the type who likes to work with their hands or likes to get involved with DIY projects? Mueller has a number of DIY greenhouse projects to choose from. You can even download manuals from their website that provide you with detailed information on setting up sheds and greenhouses. There are videos that you can watch and learn from on the site as well.

Mueller Buildings Questions and Answers

“I’m looking seriously at a 40 x 60 Mueller Steel Building.
Any experiences good or bad?”
– from a post at

“I have a 24×24 Mueller steel building. I erected it with the help of my son and the quality was good. Everything fit and they were helpful when calling for help. I liked that they had an office nearby. You may want to check prices with other local suppliers if you have any. I purchased my house from a local steel supplier. Depending on size and needs, Mueller may be more or less than a local supplier. I would purchase from them again if I needed another building.”

“I bought mine through them also. It is a 40×40 and was considered a custom so it cost a bit more but that was the largest I could go on the lot that I own. Very helpful and easy to put up. I had only my son to help. I will recommend them to any one that is considering a steel building. Just read through the manual completely.”

“Mine is a 40×60 weld up. Meaning that it is not a bolt up engineered. I am very happy with the material and the contractor they recommended. I did go out and buy windows on my own. Used their doors. I also bought all the steel for a 24′ x32′ barn. I built this by myself using wood post.”

“We are looking to build an 80 x 40 metal building for use as a hobby shop/garage. I know the basic layout and general features I want, but the number of manufacturers out there are dizzying and I don’t know enough to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. Their prices are all over the map, too.” – from a post at

“I purchased my 24×24 shop from Mueller Steel. Came as a kit that my son and I could erect. Full plans and everything was delivered. When ever I had a question, the answer was a quick phone call away.”

“My dad is replacing his shop this year and is looking to put in a metal shop in its place. I have been looking around on the internet at different places to buy this building, but I am getting really bogged down looking at literally hundreds of different places to buy from. We are planning on putting the building up ourselves and it’s only going to be about 25ft by 30ft or so. I was wondering if you guys knew of any good companies that you could recommend for us to take a look at.” – from a post at

“If you were closer to TX I would recommend Mueller Steel Buildings. I put up a pre-fab kit 30’x40′ 5 years ago that I have been very happy with. I had a contractor do the concrete slab. I called on some friends to help with the frame and roof panels. All the rest I did by myself. The frame was simple bolt together and everything else went up very easy.”

“I see all these ads for very affordable steel buildings 24 x 30 and up. Does anyone know how good these Mueller Steel Buildings really are? I know most of these I see are cheap only because it is delivered in peices and you then assemble. Does anyone know what all it takes to put one of these together and is it very difficult? Would I be better off having someone just build one?” – from a post at

“My dad bought a 24X24 kit building from Mueller Steel Buildings a year or so ago. He put quite a bit of it up by himself, a little bit at a time. I brought a forklift home from work one afternoon and set and bolted all the perlins for him, but that could easily be done by 2 or 3 guys and the appropriate ladders. The hardest part of the whole deal is handling the insulation, while getting the sheet metal situated. But dad and I did the walls on his, and my BIL and I did the roof in 4 hrs with dad on the ground leaning materials up to us.

All in all we were very pleased with the kit (we’ve built such things before from scratch), and never got the welder out! I would certainly recommend Mueller to others.”

Quonset Hut Building Types

Mueller Steel Buildings Quonset Hut Kits come in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit your needs.


Mueller Steel Buildings Towers Over Other Quonset Hut Builders 1

S-Model has straight walls and an arched style roof. Spans from 10′ to 100′ in width and unlimited length. Uses include car workshop, garage storage or office, rec vehicle storage.


Mueller Steel Buildings Towers Over Other Quonset Hut Builders 2

Q model buildings feature heights ranging from 10 to 24 feet and widths range from 20 to 100 feet. Uses include hay bail storage, grain, farm equipment, and truck storage.


Mueller Steel Buildings Towers Over Other Quonset Hut Builders 3

P Model is the most popular model for residential purposes like workshops, retail store buildings, garage for equipment, boats or recreational vehicles or a warehouse building.

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