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Why Choose Morton Buildings

morton buildings

Are you having a difficult time choosing among the many building suppliers? Your choice is probably affected by price, but before you get the cheapest building on the market, think about the value you get by choosing a cheap or expensive building supplier. Choose a company that has years of experience and high levels of customer satisfaction to get the most out of your money.

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Compare Quonset Hut Prices and save up to 30%!

The Value of Morton Buildings

Morton Buildings has been around for more than 100 years. The company has provided customers with top-notch services and long-lasting buildings. Morton Buildings offer timber-frame metal buildings that come in various siding materials and styles that make their buildings ideal for any kind of setting. The company offers barn-style, colonial, ranch, and country-style cabins to meet the tastes and needs of different customers. The different styles that Morton offers customers ensure that you get the design you want.

Aside from providing customers with ideal designs, Morton also provides metal buildings that come in various siding choices such as wood, stucco, vinyl, and brick. You can also choose shingle or metal roofing options for the metal building you want constructed. With Morton, you have a variety of choices to choose from without sacrificing quality.

Farms and agriculture-based businesses mostly agree with the sentiment that Morton provides customers with top quality steel buildings. These industries find that Morton offers the best solution for hay storage, animal housing, horse barn, and equipment storage. Farms and agriculture-based businesses are satisfied with the quality and space provided by Morton’s steel buildings.

Aside from businesses, homeowners are also satisfied with the buildings offered by Morton. Homeowners are using Morton’s buildings as second homes, extensions to their first home, garages, and storage rooms among other uses. Morton’s buildings can also be used as churches, fire stations, hangars, warehouses, retail stores, and others. The diverse use of Morton’s buildings satisfies different customer needs at a price they can afford.

The value of the buildings provided by Morton goes beyond its price tag. The company ensures that each customer gets the type of building they need and the services they are looking for.

What are customers saying about Morton Buildings?

Despite the higher price tag of Morton Buildings, customers are still choosing the company because of their strong reputation, extensive experience, top-notch services, and high quality steel buildings. There is no denying the value provided by Morton’s services and steel buildings. You get what you pay for when you choose Morton. You have plenty of choices and quality materials when you choose Morton as your supplier.

The most popular kinds of buildings provided by Morton are retail buildings, residential storage buildings, hay storage, riding arenas, plane hangars, churches, warehouses, farm buildings, animal housing, and other similar buildings. Morton’s popularity with customers comes from their top-notch services and quality steel buildings. When you choose Morton, you need not worry about quality or the level of service. You can be sure that you get what you pay for. Get the best quality steel buildings by choosing Morton.

Morton Buildings Comments & Questions

“Have had a large Morton for about 5 years, absolute love the building and quality. Have had two different contractor friends comment that can’t believe how straight and square it is compared to other buildings they have seen. Doing most of my own interior work to save money. “
“i was wondering if anyone has had a Morton pole barn built recently, i have been getting estimates on a 36x72x14 6/12 roof pitch they look like great quality but lots of money interior package looks good too any thoughts would be appreciated thanks terry .” – from a post at

“I had one put up about a year ago. When I first got the quote for the building I almost fell over. After comparing the quality of their building to all the others that I saw, and how well they hold up over the years, we bit the bullet and had one put up. The quality of that building is first rate and I haven’t shown it to one person who wasn’t blown away by how well the building looks. I went for thermal insulation just to keep the moisture down in the building since I have no thoughts on heating all of that space.”

“My reply will re-state what others have already said. A few years back, I had a Morton building put up. The quality is top-notch. Morton uses their own construction crews to erect the buildings, not an outside contractor. On the farm, we have had Morton Buildings for over 30 years. They hold up very well. In our area in the winter of ’96-’97, many pole buildings caved in from snow load. None of them were Mortons. A couple people had some damage to their Morton’s, but their best-in-class warranty covered the damage and repairs were made. Bottom line is: I recommend Morton.”

“My dad had a couple of Morton Buildings put up for his business in the early 80’s. He no longer has the business, or the buildings, but they’re still standing and looking good. One was a 60x120x18 no insulation and the other was a 40x60x14 with offices and a bathroom, all insulated and a fully finished metal interior, ceiling and all. If I could swing it, that would be who I’d get to build mine.”

“Has anyone used Morton Buildings to build a barn and indoor?” – from a post at

“Around here, Morton farm type buildings are very nice ones and there are many of them around. I still would, if building today, go all metal. Don’t let anyone tell you their wood is specially treated and last as long as metal etc. It really doesn’t. Now, maybe Morton also builds all metal, but the ones I have seen were framed with wood and metal clad.”

“We built a Morton barn when we arrived in Florida, largely because of their excellent reputation and because, having just retired, I did not want to have to deal with sub- contractors and no shows and failure to perform, etc. etc. The barn is super. The fencing that they contracted to put in is lousy, and the concrete was not poured according to my very precise instructions in one section of the barn.

Otherwise, we are happy. But MAN was it expensive! I laugh and say that I built a barn for the north to protect against blizzards–I should have built a pole barn. The Morton barn will be here forever, I am sure, long after I am gone”

Quonset Hut Building Types

Quonset Hut Kits come in a variety of styles and can be customized to fit your needs.


Why Choose Morton Buildings 1

S-Model has straight walls and an arched style roof. Spans from 10′ to 100′ in width and unlimited length. Uses include car workshop, garage storage or office, rec vehicle storage.


Why Choose Morton Buildings 2

Q model buildings feature heights ranging from 10 to 24 feet and widths range from 20 to 100 feet. Uses include hay bail storage, grain, farm equipment, and truck storage.


Why Choose Morton Buildings 3

P Model is the most popular model for residential purposes like workshops, retail store buildings, garage for equipment, boats or recreational vehicles or a warehouse building.

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