Delaware Quonset Hut

Quonset Hut in Delaware – Quonset huts played an important role during the World War II as a temporary shelter for American soldiers. A lot of states in the US including Delaware have repurposed these huts for alternative housing or converted them into more useful structures such as classrooms, grocery shops and libraries. Delaware is located in the northeast if Delmarva Peninsula. It is also the second smallest of the 50 United States, after Rhode Island. There are three counties in the state: New Castle, Sussex and Kent.

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Despite being located in the northern part of the country, the state’s climate isn’t as cold as the other Northern states because of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Meanwhile, according to the United States Census Bureau, Delaware has a population of only 917,092 as of July 2012. The Whites dominate the state (68.9%), followed by the Blacks (21.4%), Asians (3.2%), Multiracial Americans (2.7%), Amerindians & Alaskans (0.5%) and other races (3.4%). As for the economy, Delaware is 9th in the country on the per capital personal income. The state still heavily relies on agriculture but other industries also contribute to the state’s earnings such as banking & finance, education, healthcare and chemical & pharmaceutical technology.

Build a Delaware Quonset Hut

People nowadays are becoming more practical when building their homes or structures for other purposes. A Delaware Quonset Hut is ideal for those who are on a tight budget. These are also damage-resistant in times of disasters and calamities because of its semi-circular design. Metal and steel is also one of the most cost effective at the same time reliable material for building structures. Because of modern technology, today’s Quonset huts are more sturdy and dependable, and made of state-of-the-art materials.

There are a lot of suppliers or contractors that offer Quonset huts in Delaware (most of them have their own websites). But before setting a deal with your Quonset building supplier, make sure to check the following features: materials to use for building, proximity, cost, size and location.

Cities in Delaware

Claymont, Smyrna, Dover, Edgemoor, Middletown, Brookside, North Star, Wilmington, New Castle, Seaford, Newark, Glasgow, Wilmington Manor, Bear, Milford, Elsmere, Pike Creek, Hockessin, Georgetown

State Resources

Delaware State Website

Delaware Quonset Hut

Delaware State Counties Map

Zip Code List In Delaware

  • Kent County
  • New Castle County
  • Sussex County

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