Butler steel buildings
Butler traces its beginnings all the way back to 1901. Back then, the company was known as Butler Manufacturing Company and it was conceptualized when two friends — Charles Butler and Emanuel Norquist — decided to launch a business.

Fast forward to one century and several years later, the company has expanded impressively worldwide thanks to a number of multinational manufacturing companies.

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Describing itself as a building-solutions company, Butler Buildings is a company that serves customers all throughout the USA. The company specializes in manufacturing and selling prefabricated steel building systems. Who are some of the company’s best clients? Butler has provided services to sizable municipal and commercial accounts.

But what makes Butler Buildings stand out amongst other steel builders in the market? One is that the company has managed to consolidate the metal building process from top to bottom. What does this mean? This means that the company has taken care of everything from designing and manufacturing, to marketing to selling and finally, of course, to construction of steel and metal buildings for its valued clients.

The Team Behind Butler

How has the company managed to retain longevity and relevance in a market that has become saturated with newcomers and start-ups?

To put it simply, its power is in its people. What Butler offers clients is a team of international building professionals that have had the essential experience to carry out a top-notch job each and every time.

Whether a client wishes to sit down and discuss plans concerning architectural or climatic requirements or what have you, or perhaps they already know exactly what they want, Butler Steel Buildings is prepared and more than willing to offer it.

The Company’s Clients

Who are some of the most prestigious clients of Butler Buildings? The list includes but is not limited to:

  • PepsiCo
  • Kellogg’s
  • General Motors
  • DuPont
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic

The Company’s Specialty

What are some of the buildings that Butler erects? There are many different types of structures that the company specializes in, such as structural systems, wall systems, roof systems, factories, gyms, educational facilities, agricultural buildings, and shopping centers. Large structures are the company’s specialty, however, Butler has also built small metal storage facilities and small metal buildings.

Partnership with BlueScope Construction (BSC)

The success and longevity of the company has also been reliant and can in part be credited to BlueScope Construction. Butler forged a partnership with the aforementioned licensed general contractor. The company’s services extend to all 50 states. Around the world, there are over 1,400 Butler Builders. In the words of the company, it is a “part of the largest network of construction professionals in the world”.

Butler Buildings Comments & Questions

“I’m thinking about building a garage this summer. I have been contemplating buy one of the steel building instead of stick build it. Size will be about 24′ x 32′ Does anyone have any input or experience with particular brand off steel building? I will use at least half of it for a machine shop. The other half to garage my wife’s car.” – from a post at www.practicalmachinist.com

“Our shop is a Butler steel building, its been up 15 years a 60′ X 100′, it has held up to 2+ feet of snow easy and 90+ MPH winds but its rated for much more. I dont work for them but worked in their buildings and think they are quality.”

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